We specialise in Total Stone Restoration not just cleaning!

As well as our cleaning services based in Long Eaton ideally located to serve both Nottingham and Derby we are able to offer extra services to complete and protect your exterior surfaces

We offer the following services

Sealing to both block paving and natural stone patios– Why seal? All natural stone should be sealed and protected to prevent ingression and deterioration to the surface of the stone as it is very porous we highly advise natural stone sealing. Block paving although designed and installed to be permeable with the right drainage and run off this is also sometimes possible to seal. Sealing costs on average around 10% of the installation cost so if a patio cost £5000 to install a sealing estimate would be around £500 as a rough guide.

Resin pointing and jointing– We specialise in modern resin installs to all patios as a modern, better alternative to traditional sand and cement pointing. Modern resins move with the seasons and do not crack but only when installed properly with proper compaction and water. Poorly installed resin is seen by us regularly and is in most cases installed without enough water or compaction and is just swept into joints which is not the way to install the product. We can grind out existing worn joints and install a whole new resin grid joint system.Although time consuming the results are well worth the effort

Traditional pointing– We often still use traditional pointing methods where we are repairing or matching into existing areas.

Black spot removal treatments- Black spotting to exterior stone both natural and man made is a big problem in the Uk as the black spots are a bacteria that thrive and eat into the stone in our damp climate. We can offer a chemical treatment solution to this problem and depending on how bad the black spot is penetrated into the stone will depend on how many treatments it will need.

Decking Treatments– Once cleaned we can offer a decking stain treatment to help keep your deck looking great and giving the wood a much longer lifespan.

Weedkilling- As qualified PA1 certified spraying technicians we are qualified to purchase and carry out professional weedkilling services to keep your surfaces weedfree and looking their best in between cleans. Block paving is the number 1 surface that needs regular top up sprays and we carry these out from £40 per treatment every couple of months to keep those pesky weeds at bay!

How can I Improve the Appearance of a Worn Patio or Driveway?

If your driveway or patio has started to lose its colour or look aged and worn, you might have started looking into getting it re-laid or replaced. But stop there! Here at PaveCleanPro we have the expertise and specialist equipment that enables us to bring your surfaces back to their former glory – restoring colour, fixing damaged areas and sealing it to prevent weed growth, weathering and wear.


Restoration for Tarmac and Brick Patios and Driveways in and around Nottingham and Derby

Based in Sawley, Derbyshire, PaveClean clients throughut the local area with professional, affordable and effective restoration services for Block Paving, Concrete slabs, Natural Stone, Tarmac, Decking and Pattern Printed Concrete surfaces.

With a strong reputation for outdoor surface and patio restoration in Nottingham and Derby, we’ve established a growing client base in Sawley, Attenborough, Long Eaton, Breaston, Castle Donington, Kegworth and surrounding areas – please contact us to make an enquiry.

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